Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an emerging technology in the IT industry which teaches us on how to make applications available to the end users over the internet with minimal infrastructure at the user's business place.

By enforcing green IT, minds2mentor shares the common path towards reducing "global warming". In conjunction with this, minds2mentor's products will be deployed and made available to its customers through internet there by eliminating the need for setting up a server and storage solutions at their business place and eliminating the cost and energy involved in the same.

Minds2mentor recommends to go with cloud sphere which helps the enterprises to go automated with a bare minimum investment. Also, launching the products on the cloud helps minds2mentor to achieve green IT.


The result of software as a service model adopted by minds2mentor is almost no investment for the enterprises since the infrastructure and prerequisites are not required to access the software product.

The end user gets the benefit of free installation, maintenance and software updates which helps them to concentrate in their core business area.